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  1. Im Pamela Jacqueline Isabel…Just shortened it. Like, made it cooler. ill update u guys whenever I change it. 🙂 😉 :-* Bye

  2. Hey. Still me, Pamela Jacqueline Isabel. Just changed the name. So…hey again…
    :-[ o_O o_O

  3. hello Liza Soberano itz me again

    • Ruth Kibuge! Hey. Got anything to talk abt? U know, just us girls. Oh, im just so bored, Ok? Don’t think me to be weird, Ok? So… How’s it going? Have you found Liza Soberano? Are u Italian ? Just wanna know.

  4. Who the heck is Jojo Siwa ??? :-/ :-/ Should I browse him out? Is he a celebrity?. Will do.

  5. Where can I find someone who will talk to me???? Hoooo(sigh).
    I gotta get this out.

    I am not some desperate online wannabe psycho with no friends or a life, Ok? I have thousands of peep online and in my life. I have a gr8 family and… Lots if relatives and friends. It’s just that…anywhere I go, i like to make friends. Thats me. Pamela friend-maker. But u guys here are silent sullen jerks- forgive me, but, im saying the truth here. Ok, I get it that I came a little late or peep almost never come here but- still. Bye. From an enraged Pam.

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