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Grant Gustin Profile| Contact details (Phone number, Email, Instagram,YouTube)

Grant Gustin Profile| Contact details 2017 (Phone number, Email, Instagram, YouTube)- GRANT GUSTIN is a handsome actor as well as a singer from America who was born on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. According to the news of February 21, 2017, Grant Gustin springs into action as he gets into an explosive fight with baddie while filming The Flash. He has two siblings in which one is his brother named as Tyler and another one is her sister named as Gracie. He is well known for his roles as The Flash on the CW hit series THE FLASH.


  • Name: Grant Gustin
  • Full Name: Thomas Grant Gustin
  • Born: 14 January 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Birth Place: Norfolk, Virginia, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Education: Elon University (2008–2010)
  • Height: 6ft 0in (1.83m)
  • Parents: N/A
  • Sibling: Tyler (Brother) and Gracie (Sister)
  • Occupation: Actor, singer, and dancer
  • Nationality: American


  • Kid Fitness Jungle Adventure Exercise Video (2003)
  • Affluenza (2014)
  • Krystal (2017)


  • A Haunting (2006)
  • Glee (2011 – 13)
  • CSI: Miami (2012)
  • A Mother’s Nightmare (2012)
  • 90210 (2013)
  • Arrow (2013 – present)
  • The Flash (2014 – present)
  • Supergirl (2016)
  • Legends of Tomorrow (2016)


INSTAGRAM: @grantgust

He has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he has earned more than 4.1M followers. You can follow Grant Gustin via his Instagram account via the above link where you can leave a comment on one of his recent uploaded pictures.

FACEBOOK: @grant.gustin

Facebook is an another way to contact him. You can follow him and you can also write your views on his timeline. If you want to like his page then visit his page via the above link.

TWITTER: @grantgust

He has his twitter account where you can tweet him at @grantgustin where he has gained 1.61M followers. If you want to follow him then visit the above link.

 YOUTUBE: @Channel

He has channel page on YouTube in which there are more than 35K subscribers. Here, he uploads his videos. If you want to watch his videos then you can visit this link.

VINE: @Channel

He has an account on Vine in which he has acquired 101K followers on his Vine account. If you want to follow this then you can visit this link.

GOOGLE+: @Channel

always runs his Google+ account where he updates his videos. You can share his videos with your friends via Google+, Twitter and Facebook account.

TUMBLR: @grant-gustin



Permission is not granted to access his phone number.

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  1. Alejandro

    Thomas grant gustin I like the flash the flash has changed my life so much because in the past I was disrespectful but know since I watch the flash the flash is good so one day I said to myself I am the flash and I will never be bad and I’m not bad and I can’t wait for season 4 and grant if there is a role that is empty I would like to play that role please

  2. Aubri

    Grant I just wanted to say that your my role model and the person I look up to you’re not the perfect person and that doesn’t matter because nobody’s perfect I would love to meet you in person. Stay you😜Bye!

  3. Aubri

    Also I’m 12

  4. Katie

    Hey grant i love you so much and you are just such an awesome person I really hope I will get a chance to meet you in the near future I’m 12 by the way you do you man <3

  5. Ife

    I love the flash like sometimes i say i wish i i was the flash and had the all the powers flash has in reality and could do all the things the flash can do

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