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Bars and Melody Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Email, Social Profiles, Web address)

Bars and Melody Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Email, Social Profiles, Web address)-BAR & MELODY is well-known British Singing / Rapping Duo and also known as by the name of BAM. It consists of two members named rapper Leondre Devries and singer Charlie Lenehan. They give the audition in the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 and here, they give a wonderful performance and they directly entered in the semi-finals of Britain Got Talent. It was the wonderful achievement of them. It happens when the judge “Simon Cowell” pressed the Golden Button. They placed in 3rd Position and after that, they signed a deal with Syco Music.


CAREER: After the show, Bars and Melody released their debuted single “Hopeful” on July 25, 2014. This song peaked at number five.


There are two members who are given below:



2014 <Hopeful>
2015 <Keep Smiling>
2015 <Stay Strong>
2015 <Beautiful>



VINE: @Channel

BARS AND MELODY have their account on VINE where they have earned 76.3k followers. Visit this given link if anybody wants to get updates.

FACEBOOK: @barsandmelody

They have an Official Page on FACEBOOK named Bars And Melody in which they upload their pictures or videos on this page and accumulated 1.1 M likes. If anyone wants to get updates then they can visit this link which is given above.

INSTAGRAM: @barsandmelody

They also have an account on INSTAGRAM in which a number of people follow them and they upload their pictures & videos on their INSTAGRAM account. They have earned 1M followers . If anyone wants to follow him then they can visit this link which is given above.

TWITTER: @BarsAndMelody

BARS AND MELODY have their own page on TWITTER in which they have gained 407K followers and 53.1 K tweets. They have joined this page in December 2011. If you want to get more details then you can visit this given link which is given above.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

They have their own channel page on YOUTUBE also in which they upload their concerts or songs videos and in this page, 858 K people subscribe this page. Views of this channel page are more than 75 M. If anyone wants to watch their videos they can visit this given link.

YOUNOW: @BarsAndMelody

They run their YouNow account where they have accumulated 136.8k followers and gets 364k likes on their posts.


TOUR DATES: If anybody wants to check tour dates of BARS AND MELODY then they can check by visit this link which is given below:



Their Phone is not available on their  any account.


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  1. Tamera Jaeger

    Hey Bars and Melody,

    I am a 15 year old living in the USA.. I was wondering if you would like to give me your email address? My big sister is like your number 1 fan and she would freak out if she knew that I can talk to you guys. She loves all of your songs and knows them by heart. If you see this please email me at Thanks,
    Tamera Jaeger

  2. Hey Bars and Melody,

    My name is Lidia Ingram. I am from Ohio.
    I just wanted to tell you, that i am your biggest fan ever! you guys inspired me to write my own songs ( i know have 13 songs and i started 8 months ago ). I wish i could meet you guys and we can make another song. I would LOVE that!!
    if you see this, please email me at – . Thanks! : )
    – Lidia Ingram

  3. Hey bars and melody it would be great if you could give me your email address so i can talk to you guys i am your number 1 fan

  4. hey bars and melody can you contact me at

  5. Hi Bars and Melody.
    I really need to talk to someone about getting bullied. I’m too scared to tell someone at school or my parents because they could just make it worse but it’s getting to the point where I’m thinking about killing myself. When I started listing to your songs, it was when I first started thinking about killing myself. Your music saved me from killing myself, saved my life, but I still think about it and still keep thinking if I do it that I’ll make everyones lives better. I need to talk about it to someone, but if I talk to someone about it I want it to be people I know I trust, People who Inspiers me, people who can tell me I’m not alone and make me believe it, people who knows what I’m going through and you are people I would be able to trust and make me believe I’m not alone and know what I’m going through. please E-mail Me.

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