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Juanpa Zurita Profile| Contact details (Phone number, Email, Instagram,Vine)

Juanpa Zurita Profile| Contact details 2017 (Phone number, Email, Instagram,Vine)-Juanpa Zurita is a famous Mexican Social Media Personality and Vine Star. He has got fame from his comedy video on Vine.In 11th June 2013, he posted his first Vine video named “That dog killed Norris and was after me“.He has a brother named Andres Zurita which is also popular on Vine.

Juanpa is also famous on photo sharing app Instagram and Twitter. He has collaborated with Jerome Jarre on Vine videos multiple times.

Juanpa Zirita


  • Name:- Juanpa Zurita
  • Profession :– Social Media Personality and Vine Star
  • Place :– Mexico
  • Date Of Birth :- 29th March 1996
  • Age :– 20 years
  • Height :– 5 feet 8 inches (Approx)
  • Weight :– 64-66 Kg
  • Brother:- Andres Zurita
  • Girlfriend :– Unknown
  • Nationality :– Mexican


FACEBOOK: @ElJuanpaZurita

JUANPA has their own page on Facebook in which thousands of people liked his page and no. of likes are approximately 3 million. If you want to get updates about him then the Link is given above.

 YOUTUBE: @Channel

If you want to see ZURITA prank videos you can watch from given above link and he has gained 2.7 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel .

TWITTER: @ElJuanpaZurita

JUANPA has joined this page in May 2014. In this Page, He has millions of followers and the no. of followers are 1.37M. For more updates you can follow his twitter page and the link is given above.

INSTAGRAM: @eljuanpazurita

JUANPA runs his an INSTAGRAM account in which millions of people follow him and no. of followers are 3.9M. This shows that he has amazing user engagement and if you want to contact him then the Link is given above.

VINE: @JuanpaZurita

JUANPA has a page on Vine. In this Page, you can see Vine videos of Juanpa Zurita and 1.8M fans are following Juanpa Zurita. If you want to follow him visit this link which is given above.

YouNow: N/A

He has not his YouNow account on the Internet.

Phone number: N/A

His phone number has shared by him yet.

Address: N/A

We have not his exact address.

Comment below your thoughts regarding Juanpa Zurita. 

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  1. Dorothy

    I would really like to meet with juanpa zurita he is like my idol I look up to him I am a big fan a super fan actually it would be great to meet him in person and not on a screen

    • Cat valentine

      Same like I use to think that he was just cute but now he is my favorite yt ever and I wish I could met him someday but I keep doubting myself but I luv luv his yt vids so much💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍

  2. Breanna

    I am Mexican to but it’s from my moms side but I’m part Native American

  3. yahleesia

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!1 I love your vines!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leila Travis

    There was a youtube video stating that Juanpa Zurita and Lele Pons was engaged to get married! I would like to contact at least one of them and see if this youtuber was lying!

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