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Donald Trump Contact details (Phone number, Email, Office Address, Complaint Cell, Website)

Donald Trump Contact details (Phone number, Email, Office Address, Complaint Cell, Website)- Donald Trump is an American Businessman as well as Politician who won the US Presidential Election 2016. Republican Donald became the 45th President of United States after defeating his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Trump chose the Indiana Governor-The Mike Pence as his Vice President.


Political Journey:

Donald joined the Republican Party in 1987 and later he joined the Reform Party (1999-2001). After some time, trump became the member of the Democratic Party (2001-2009). But in May 2012, Donald returned back to the Republic Party and now in 2016, he creates the history and became the campaign of US Presidential Election.



Name: Donald Trump
Full Name: Donald John Trump
Date Of Birth: 14th June 1946
Age: 69 years
Horoscope : Gemini
Birth Place: Queens, New York city, New York
  • Fred Trump
  •  Mary Anne MacLeod


  • Ivana Zelnickova (M.1977, Div.1991)
  • Marla maples(M. 1993, Div. 1999)
  • Melania Knauss(M. 2005)
  • Donald Jr.
  • Ivanka, Eric
  • Tiffany
  • Barron
Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 90 Kg (approx)
Nationality : American


Facebook:  @DonaldTrump

You can follow Donald Trump on Facebook.  On his Facebook, you can comment on his posts. At the moments he gets more than 12.8 M likes.

Instagram: @realdonaldtrump

Instagram is the best way to contact the Donald Trump. Because he regularly updates his account. On his account, he has gained 3.1 M followers.

Twitter: @realdonaldtrump

Twitter is one of the best ways to contact Trump directly since he actually updates his Twitter account personally. His Twitter fan following is more than 13.4 M and you can contact him by sending tweets to his account.

YouTube: @DonaldTrump

Donald has an official YouTube Channel in which he gets more than 19.7 M views. You can also subscribe as well as watch his video from the above link.

Google+: @DonaldJTrumpforPresident

Trump also use his Google+ account in which he has accumulated no of followers. You can also follow him from the above link.

Phone number: 646-736-1779


Trump Tower, Manhattan, New York City, USA


Comment below your views about the US President- Donald Trump.

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  1. Peter Azuka Nwachukwu

    I ardently need Donald John Trump to help me as urgent as possible to brig me to America to play Ten tracks of my ORIGINAL Personalty composed Christmas Carols of very exceptionally written songs from the celestial world to welcome Jesus Christ to the world & congratulate & CELEBRATE TRUMPS VICTORY as the dawn of FREEDOM FROM ENSLAVEMENT OF HUMANKIND. It is to carry on its sleeve TRUMPS SIGN of Liberty,His portrait showing him saluting the world,American Coat of Arms.,American Flag, .my face, &STARS DEPICTING UNTAITABLE VICTORY.lf you can accelerate your action towards this and l can be in America before middle of October the music would be in the air before the election.lf not then it would flow all over the world as TRUMPS impetus of special interest in human development of picking and sponsoring a Nigerian artistic creative to the limelight to enable his celebrity and constellation.G rest TRUMPS activities amplification.long live Donald Trump long live America & Americans. Long live the globe.Best regards.Peter NWACHUKWU DIVINE ACTIVIST MESSENGER OF GOD ON DIVINE intervention.Thanks.

  2. Robert F. Patrick

    The president needs to put a blank check in front of KellyAnne Conway and tell her to fill in whatever amount she wants to take over the campaign. He also needs to run every tweet by her before it goes out for editing and approval. There is a reason why someone who has accomplished what he has accomplished, domestically and internationally, in less than 4 years while fighting an impeachment, groundless though it was, is fighting for his political life against a person who is, at best, borderline competent and a person who is a full fledged socialist. That reason is people like his policies but not him and his tweets. He is his own worst enemy. Stop attacking Biden, good grounds though there are, and talk about what he has done and what he will do. Let KellyAnne edit and approve his speeches and stick to what she has approved. Don’t bother to get back to me. I am 85 and my wife is in skilled nursing at over $12,00 per month so I can’t send any money.

  3. Todd Hubbard

    Dear President Trump,

    Please help us form a third party to combat the weak old Republican Party and the New Democratic Socialists party.

    Who’s in? Just so you know I am leaving the Republican Party not because of Trump. I’m leaving because the Republican Party is weak and spineless. If only we can get Trump to start this third party I believe you will see 75% of the republicans leave the old Rhinos and maybe 50% of the New Democratic Socialist leave their old swamp.

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