Megnutt02, or Megan Guthrie, is a popular American TikToker who enjoys the “celebrity” status, all thanks to the many lip-sync videos she has posted on the app.

Even though she’s still in her teenage years, she is quite famous in the United States and has received a stable income over the years.

she was born on Valentine’s day, in 2002. Her place of birth and current residence is in Miami, Florida.

Her career wasn’t always filled with sunshine and roses. At one point, she had been criticized for someone leaking her nude photos. She admitted that some were hers, while others weren’t.

Some argue that bad publicity is also good. This has proven successful in Megnutt02’s case, as she has gained additional two million followers after the scandal.

You can contact her through Email Id:

She is 20 Years old.

She is 20 Years old.

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