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Jazz Jennings Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Instagram,YouTube, Official Website)

Jazz Jennings Wiki Bio Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Instagram,YouTube, Official Website) – Jazz Jennings is a youngest a transgender teenager who is best known as YouTube sensation, Spokesmodel,  LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer) rights activist. Jennings is a co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. This teenage girl is a star of the  TLC reality TV series titled I Am Jazz, which focuses on her life with her family as a teenager and as a transgender youth. Tonner Doll Company has released a portrait doll modeled on transgender teen and activist Jazz Jennings at New York. Jennings voiced the character Lily the Fairy in the 2019 episode “Cedric & the Fairies” of The Bravest Knight, an animated series.


  • Name: Jazz Jennings
  • Real Name: Mario Mims
  • Occupation: Youtuber, Spokesmodel
  • Date of Birth: 6 October 2000
  • Birth Place: South Florida
  • Age: 22 years
  • Sun sign: Libra
  • Parents: Jeanette Jennings, Greg Jennings
  • Siblings:  Ari Jennings, Sander Jennings, Griffen Jennings
  • Nationality: American



She has an account on INSTAGRAM in which she has millions of followers. You can follow Jazz on her Instagram account via the above link. You can also leave a comment on one of her recently uploaded pictures.


Facebook is another way to contact her. You can follow her and you can also write your views on her timeline. If you want to like her page then visit her page via the above link.


She has her Twitter account where you can tweet her at @JazzJennings_. If you want to follow her then visit the above link.

YOUTUBE: @jazzmergirl

She has an account on INSTAGRAM in which she has posted her videos. If you want to get more updates about her videos then you can use the above link.


Permission is not granted to access her phone number yet.


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  1. Walter Dicesare

    Dear jazz I want to thank you for giving the courage to come out to my parents about being transgender.

  2. Kathleen Glass

    Dear jazz i wish i could talk to you in person i have a 17 year old son who want to be a girl i knew it when he was 3 hes not getting accepted in this small town called kankakee ill hes gotting jumped coming from work school im really haven it hard hes family judge him im his mom i feel it is what it is i just want them to leave him alone his name is aramius glass i need some support im his mom and i start watching you on tv im a fan to i wish he can be like you

  3. Jeff

    Dear Jazz,
    I am the father of an 11 year old transgender boy. I know you must get a lot of people asking for your help or for you to contact that but I could really use your help to help my child

  4. Bella emma Ezekiel

    Hi Jazz its bella im a trans woman we met at the tlc block party in chicago my parents are misgendering me

  5. Alan Smith

    Hello Jezz l have contacted your mother before and l have followed your
    transformation for about three years now. My wife is a trans women who is now 99% accepted by her job mates as on 6- Jan the Boss and co=workers thru her a bday party. I have helped her now for the last 7 years and for ever searching out information to help her. ln one of your
    programs you have a weight problem and that is one of mine issues as well you need to stop drinking diet drinks and repair your gut health. l
    am NOT selling a product you can find most of this online and it works.
    l use a product called Devil’s Club and l saw another one that gave me
    more on foods by Dr S Gundry he is pushing a product watch his video
    it has good information But l like the Devil’s club but use it also with the
    fruits that contain natural estrogen. Also check out breast cupping and how to do that. Contact me if you use the Devils Club as this will clean
    your system out and you could have a discharge of acid from your gut
    the the first time you use it. Just cut down the amount after that. There
    is a lot of good information out there but you really need to look for it some is good and some is bad. l have had lbs for over ten years it’s gone
    now. l am also going down in weight. When l get to the Philippines l plan
    to help the girls therein their travels to women hood like my wife is
    doing now from information l have given her.

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